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Local Radio Network


The first audience research for local radios has shown that local radios have a  significantly larger share of the audience in comparison with national radios – 60.76%  for local radios in comparison to 33.54% for national radio emitters (5.68% are for foreign and/or other radio stations). This research set the basis for us to start a new activity that will incorporate local radios inside a single network, aimed to increase the media buying from local radios in Kosovo.

We have established a network of around 30 radios with the highest share in their regions, based on the audience research results, and have signed framework contracts of agreement to sell us their airtime. What we offer to you is a central point of contact to reach all of those local radios, where all the administrative work and control is done by us. For the price that you pay for a broadcast, apart from the airtime, you receive the following services:

  • Access to the audience research results – a database with information about each local radio in Kosovo based on share, reach, rating, other target audience parameters, etc
  • Media planning based on audience research, enabling you to target specific audiences based on ethnicity, locality, age, gender, income, education, etc
  • Flexibility in choosing radio stations according to your needs, with a minimum of five radios to be chosen and a budget of 300 Euro to be spent, within 12 months
  • A single contract for advertising in the network, signed with KMI
  • A signed report from each radio station that the advertisement was broadcast at the requested time interval

Members of local radio network

Radio Location Contact person e-mail
Radio Alba Klinë/Klina Ilir Musolli
Radio Astra Lubinjë e Epërme/Gornje Ljubinje Raif Ademi
Radio Borzani Brezovicë/Brezovica Sladjan Ilić
Radio Dodona Gllogoc/Gllogovac Ekrem Rexhepi
Radio Drenasi Gllogoc/Gllogovac Ismet Sopi
Radio Drenica Skenderaj/Srbica Murat Musliu
Radio Ferizaj Ferizaj/Uroševac Driton Ramadani
Radio Festina Ferizaj/Uroševac Besnik Berisha
Radio Fokus Rahovec/Orahovac Gligorije Sarić
Radio Gjakova Gjakovë/Ðakovica Skender Gola
Radio Gorazdevac Gorazhdec/Goraždevac Milos Dimitrijević
Radio Hayat Vitomiricë/Vitomirica Numan Balić
Radio Helix Prizren/Prizren Istref Krasniqi
Radio Iliria Viti/Vitina Ilir Murtezi
Radio Kacaniku Kaçanik/Kačanik Bedri Elezi
Radio Kamenica Kamenicë/Kamenica Ardian Berisha
Radio Kllokot Kllokot/Klokot Nikola Stolic
Radio Llapi Podujevë/Podujevo Bajrush Behrami
Radio Mitrovica Mitrovicë/Mitrovica Nexhmedin Spahiu
Radio Omega-3 Prizren/Prizren Ramce Kasi
Radio Peja Pejë/Peć Xhavit Husaj
Radio Prizreni Prizren/Prizren Abdullah Hoxha
Radio Rinia Gjilan/Gnjilane Adem Limani
Radio Romano Avazo Prizren/Prizren Nexhip Menekshe
Radio Sharri Dragash/Dragaš Qamil Kolloni
Radio Star Gjilan/Gnjilane Xhavit Salihu
Radio Theranda Suharekë/Suva Reka Refki Reshitaj
Radio Top Iliria Deçan/Dečane Qerim Jaha
Radio Vicianum Vushtrri/Vučitrn Qamil Sahiti
Radio Victoria FM Gjilan/Gnjilane Kujtim Shahiqi
Radio Vizioni Podujevë/Podujevo Fazli Veliu
Radio Yeni Donem Prizren/Prizren Mehmet Butuc
Radio Ylberi Mitrovicë/Mitrovica Ylber Durmishi
Top Radio Gjakovë/Ðakovica Violeta Dema